The extruder of the CL series is ideal for the production of a wide range of food with different expansion degrees. The raw materials that can be used, separate or mixed among them, are a lot and range from corn gritz to broken rice, wholemeal semolina to bran, etc.
The "core" of the extruder is represented by the head which includes the cylinder, the extrusion screw and the extruder.

The food extruder is equipped with a heated cylinder at a temperature of about 150˚.
Due to the mechanical energy combined with the pressure inside the cylinder, the dough is cooked by extrusion. Once cooked, it is pushed through a die that gives its final shape.

Two heads can be used on models CL/75 and CL/90, an average or a double one.
The equipment of the one or the other is according to the product to be realised and the used raw material.

In order to offer the user a greater versatility of use, the extruder is controlled by a main alternating current motor to allow speed adjustment.

Our company can supply not only the extruder, but complete lines from the feeding of raw materials to the end product.


Model CL 90: about 200 Kg of end product
Model CL 75: about 120 Kg of end product


2 heads (average or double according to the type of product)

AC motor with adjustable speed

Motor power CL90: 50 Hp

Motor power CL 75: 30 Hp

Insulated stainless steel panels

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